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My Patriot Act

Photos of Rachel Brooker and Kathryn Stein in My Patriot Act. Taken by Amelia Shull at Common Ground Theatre, Durham, NC, November 21, 2009.

Filmed excerpts of a work-in-progress showing of My Patriot Act at Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA, April 20, 2009. Download concept statement.


Sneak Preview: October 31, 20:30, OT301, Amsterdam

PREMIERE: November 7th, schwelle 7, Berlin (also showing November 8th)

US PREMIERE: November 20th, Common Ground Theatre, Durham, NC, USA (also showing November 21st)

Oh, Beautiful: My Patriot Act (the previous version)

Bush in Bondage: a short dance film using material from Oh, Beautiful: My Patriot Act. Video by Chris King, concept and edit by Rachel Brooker.

Oh, Beautiful premiered at Brotfabrik, Berlin on January 22nd, 2009. Excerpts were shown April 8th, 2009 in a Lecture Demonstration at Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA.

Watch excerpts of the Berlin premiere of Oh, Beautiful: My Patriot Act as filmed and edited by Walter Bickmann, at Tanz Forum Berlin.

For more information or to bring Oh, Beautiful: My Patriot Act to your theater, email us.

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Oh, Beautiful: My Patriot Act

Oh, Beautiful: My Patriot Act is an evening-length performance using dance, text and video to present a kaleidoscope of qualities of the US today through the eyes of an expatriate. US-born Choreographer Rachel Brooker has lived in Berlin for three years, and through the benefit of distance has begun to address her native culture in her work. Dance, text, sound and video amplify, support and antagonize each other, just as Brooker’s contradictory perspectives and emotions about her homeland form, through their conflict, a fraught but coherent picture of US culture and politics at this moment in history.

Choreography/Performance: Rachel Brooker

Videography: Chris King/Kosei Takasaki

Oh, Beautiful at Das Pumpwerk, Berlin:

photos by Scott Bolden/Chris King

You're supposed to stand behind a nation when it suffers a misfortune of this magnitude, but here the "misfortune" is so hard-wired into the American system, the American way of life, that you'd be standing behind the problem, taking off your hat in honour of the problem, remaining, for two minutes, silent about the problem while the problem lays a floral wreath at the fresh grave of the problem.

-Nathan Fuhr/Momus

It's very comfortable to live in a rich country. You can almost always find a nice public bathroom (at McDonald's). I secretly enjoy being a rich American. For example, I have so many nice shoes. Most of them were not made in the USA. Sometimes it's fun to shop and buy a bunch of random stuff. Even poor people here have a fair bit of stuff. Homeless people have stuff. In other countries sometimes I've seen people who literally have almost nothing. So even when we are poor we're kind of rich. It's weird. But despite the guilt I confess to liking it. I don't want to give up being comfortable, I just want other people to be warm and comfy and well fed and have pretty shoes, too. I'm so shallow.

-Mary DeCoster, Rachel's Mom

Excerpts performed at Das Pumpwerk and Ladyfest Berlin, Studiobühne Ritterstraße, Freie Universität Berlin, 2007

Full length premiere: Brotfabrik, January 2009

For more information, email Rachel Brooker, or join our mailing list.

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