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Rachel Brooker photographed by Claudia Lamas at Savvy Contemporary

Every real feeling is, in reality, untranslatable. To express it is to betray it. But to translate it is to hide it.  Jedes echte Gefühl ist in Wirklichkeit unübersetzbar. Es ausdrücken, heißt, es verraten. Aber es übersetzen, heißt, es verheimlichen

                               -- Antonin Artaud

SAVVY Contemporary Gallery invited Rachel Brooker and Jung Sun Kim to propose two individual responsese to the above quote. The resulting works will be shown simultaneously, so that the audience can move freely between the two spaces and craft their own performance from the choreography offered.

IV bottles, Britney Spears and a persistent lack of nudity.

When: March 19 and 20, 20:30
Where: SAVVY Contemporary, Richardstr. 43/44, U7 Karl-Marx-Str,

Directed by Rachel Brooker with Performances by:
Rachel Brooker, Laura Weiss, Miss Kay, Davide Sportelli. Production and performance: Anique Vered

Laura Weiss, Rachel Brooker and Anique Vered photographed by André Hercher

Laura Weiss and Anique Vered photographed by Claudia Lamas

Concept as a PDF (German)

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