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New Video!!

This was made by Girlbot Design at our last Yoga Retreat. The next retreat is coming up, March 2-4, 2012. There is still space for a few more who'd like to burn the winter blues away! More info here:


yoga urlaub mit rachel brooker
02. bis 04. märz 2012

Für Menschen, die den Winter lieben, und diejenigen,
die ihn lieben lernen möchten!

19.00 Uhr: Yogastunde, 20.30 Uhr: Abendessen

Morgens: Yogastunde + Yoga-Philosophie
Nachmittags: Möglichkeit fuer Privatyogastunden, Russisch-Tibetanische
Honigmassage, Ingwerwickel-Shiatsubehandlung (25 € pro Angebot)
Abends: Yogastunde, Essen, Sauna

Yogastunde und Abschluss

Wokule e.V., Am Kleinen Wukensee, 16359 Biesenthal

140 € + Verpflegung (30 €)
+ Übernachtungskosten (10 €)

Weitere infos hier: flyer
Anreise infos hier
oder email Rachel mit Fragen/Anmeldung!

recent events:

Performers' Rights Initiative

DANCERS UNITE for fair and safe work conditions!

Every now and then I am seized by a desire to change the world, no through art, but through activism. This happened recently, as I read about the current controversy sparked by Yvonne Rainer's comments on working conditions for performers in a show of Marina Abramovic's work in LA. Suddenly I had an idea how dance artists can, taking advantage of the flexibility and speed of electronic communication and social networking, develop the strength in numbers that we need to transform the culture of the performance industry, so that fairness and respect for our work can become a given and not an exception.

In a flurry of very exciting activity, I made the Performers' Rights Initiative website and got in touch with Sara Wookey, the dancer who turned down Abramovic's job offer and sparked a press reaction with her Open Letter to Artists. In collaboration with Wookey and other dance artists working in Europe and the US, I've written two texts as tools for dance artists negotiating transparency in hiring and fair pay-- the introduction and both texts are online here. This is a very simple idea for creating change with no budget and no stress by articulating a group vision where it counts. Take a look, pass the word, use the tools (to accompany a polite no and request for transparency in hiring) and follow the blog to help swell our numbers and add your voice.

Thanks and onward!!


Laura Weiss and I seriously enjoyed choreographing and shooting German band Jennifer Rostock's video for Mein Mikrofon. They are great kids.;)

Full Video-- viewable in the USA

Open Showing: Bolero

bolero, swarthmore college, 2010
Wednesday, November 10 · 6:00pm

Swarthmore College, Lang Performing Arts Center
500 College Ave
Swarthmore, PA

Rachel Brooker with Christina Zani
a new work created at the Swarthmore Project Residency with Bethany Formica and Silvana Cordell

followed by a question and answer session.

BOLERO also shown at:
Ulla's House Nov 6th!

Laurie Berg
with Siri Peterson
Deborah Black
Rachel Brooker (Berlin)

Jim Byrne
Hosted by Sasha Welsh and Laurie Berg
at Ulla's House
Brooklyn, NY

Fieldwork Showing: Zürich
Friday, October 1, 17:00
Tanzhaus Zürich
Wasserwerkstrasse 129
ch-8027 Zürich

including a preview of Bolero, a new work by Rachel Brooker with Meret Schlegel (European cast)

Body on the Body
a performance installation in light and skin

September 24 and 25, 20:30

body on the body

Savvy Contemporary
Richardstraße 43-44, Berlin-Neukölln

direction/concept: rachel brooker/kristof meers


mirjam gurtner / anuki coats / daniela gast / christine mauch / jim neirinck /
sarah-jane norman / martin reimann / clare molloy / rachel brooker / kristof meers

open admission, donations accepted.

Brooker rehearses

a performance about not performing

Rachel Brooker
Silvana Cardell
Bethany Formica and
Christina Zani


Friday, August 6, 2010

Lang Performing Arts Center/Troy Dance Lab
Swarthmore College
500 College Ave, Swarthmore, PA 19081

Rachel Brooker premiered a new work at SAVVY Contemporary,  Berlin-Neukölln, on March 19th, 2010. More on The Artaud Project here.

Rachel Brooker photographed by Claudia Lamas at Savvy Contemporary

The Artaud Project: Rachel Brooker/anima dance premiered a new work based on an Artaud quote at SAVVY Contemporary, Richardstr. 43/44, Berlin-Neukölln, on March 19th and 20th at 20:30. IV bottles, Britney Spears and a persistent lack of nudity. More here.

Rachel performed in Run Dry #3 with Bernardo Coloma,  March 24-27, 2010 at Theaterhaus Mitte. More info here.

FieldDay #1: a one-day event by The Field Berlin, March 14, 2010 at schwelle7. 

photo by Amelia Shull

My Patriot Act in Durham, NC: more photos here.

My Patriot Act  on tour!

October 31, 2009, 20:30, OT301, Amsterdam

November 7 and 8, 20:30, schwelle7, Uferstr. 6, Berlin-Wedding

November 20 and 21, 20:00, Common Ground Theater, Durham, NC, USA

December 16th, DC Arts Center, Washington, D.C., USA

Turns out Americans especially like this piece. Go figure!

ART GROWS HERE: Fieldwork Showing

October 28th, 20:30. The Field Berlin's first session of artist feedback practice culminated in a produced showing at schwelle 7 on October 28th. All participating artists will showed new work developed during the session. More info at The Field Berlin website.

Saturday, June 27th at 48 Std Neukölln: Rachel the Robot made her public debut. An electronic being with a brain for a heart and a loudspeaker built into her belly, on a quest for her reason for being.

Bertram Dhellemmes: guitar | Rachel Brooker: sensors (sonic costume by Benoît Maubrey)

concert in Taktfrei - Festival für freie Musik
-able Galerie - Hobrechtstrasse 28 12047 Berlin
27 June 2009 - 16:00

Photo by Adam Collingsworth

Clip Club Oh Beautiful: My Patriot Act short film screened at Clip Club
Saturday, July 20, 20:00, Georg-von-Rauchhaus, Mariannanplatz 1a

Rachel and the Green Party Cheerleaders rocked the Green Party Tulips vs. Türkiyemspor football match on Saturday, May 30th at Katzbach Stadion, Dudenstraße 40-64, Berlin-Kreuzberg. Cute Green party Parliament members and Türkiyemspor 30+ team players running around looking too cool to play, a samba drum squad and funky moves in short skirts. The greens won 7-1! The  Green Party Cheerleaders are in the news here.

New video footage of Oh, Beautiful: My Patriot Act is now online here; recorded at a lecture-demonstration a Swarthmore College in April, 2009.

Postcards from Berlin are here! These site-specific dance films were made at locations across Berlin with public school students by Rachel Brooker and three other choreographers. See the films and the Berlin Zeitung article about them HERE!

Rachel performed an excerpt of her solo Oh, Beautiful: My Patriot Act in a Lecture/Demonstration at Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA, on April 8th.

 Rachel performed March 28th and 29th at ada studio in Run Dry with Bernardo Coloma. See video online at TanzForumBerlin!

Rachel performed Oh, Beautiful: My Patriot Act at:

Brotfabrik, Calgariplatz, Berlin
January 22-25, 2009, 20:00
(filmed and edited by Walter Bickman at Tanz Forum Berlin)

Election Night Party with Democrats Abroad Berlin
Babylon Theater, Rosa Luxembourg Platz, Berlin-Mitte
Tuesday, November 4th, 22:30 until sunrise

Rachel and dancers performed Invitation:

in Weimar! Saturday, June 7th, 10 pm

at Gaswerk Weimar
part of the Rahmenlos Festival, supported by Bauhaus University Weimar

at Dock 11, Berlin, May 8-11, 2008

Read what the press said about Invitation at Dock 11

WORLDVOTE, An opportunity for non-US citizens to have a voice in the US presidential primaries. This was a great event and received a lot of press. It will reprise in November for the General Presidental Elections.


Rachel Brooker photographed by Amelia Shull, 2009 anima dance, an eight-year-old dance theater company, is based in Berlin, Germany. For more information or to book a performance or residency, contact director Rachel Brooker or join our mailing list.

Rachel Brooker founded and directs Anima Dance, and is the site coordinator for The Field Berlin, a local branch of an international arts organization. She studies Anusara Yoga with John Friend and Paul Sobin.

anima dance productions to date include The Artaud Project, My Patriot Act, a reflection on the condition of being American, Invitation and Body on the Body, interactive installations, ten evenings of original choreography and six dance films

Brooker's work has been funded by public and private donors in both sides of the Atlantic.  She has a degree in Dance and Biology from Swarthmore College, and has performed across the US and Europe, most recently collaborating with Felix Ruckert, Marc Bogaerts and Sabine Dahrendorf

Brooker offers dance and yoga instruction and residencies in schools and universities, and is a staff member for ISTA and TanzZeit. Class schedule here. For more information on instruction contact Rachel.

Download CV as PDF

past projects

  • Body on the Body, a performative installation with visual artist Kristof Meers
  • The Artaud Project, commissioned by Savvy Contemporary gallery
  • My Patriot Act, a solo about the good, the bad and the ugly of being American
  • The Field Berlin, an artists' feedback process
  • Postcards from Berlin, site-specific dance films made with kids in Berlin
  • Oh, Beautiful: My Patriot Act, a multimedia solo
  • The Green Party Cheerleaders
  • Invitation, an interactive installation
  • WORLDVOTE: make your voice heard!
  • Dance for Peace
  • The Murakami Cycle
  • dusttodust (dance film directed by John Coombes)
  • Of Angels
  • Whoever finds this, I love you
  • Community Showcases
  • The Dream/More than Air: Anima Dance Presents
  • The Mirrorings Project
  • Falling Out My Head (a collaboration with Hannah McClure Chalut)

  • classes and workshops


    Winter Yoga Retreat coming up!


    yoga urlaub mit rachel brooker
    02. bis 04. märz 2012

    Für Menschen, die den Winter lieben, und diejenigen,
    die ihn lieben lernen möchten!

    Weitere infos hier: flyer
    Anreise infos hier
    oder email Rachel mit Fragen/Anmeldung!

    open classes:

           Monday Tuesday Thursday
    18:15, Anfänger Yoga
    YogaRaum Berlin
    English language kids'
    dance for ages 3-7 
     The Center for English Activities
    09:30, Yoga in English*
    YogaCircle Berlin
    Prenzlauer Berg

    20:15, Basic Yoga 
    YogaRaum Berlin Kreuzberg

    17:45, Basic/Mittelstufe (not for beginners!)
    YogaRaum Berlin

    Rachel no longer teaches on Saturdays.

    Rachel Brooker draws on her experience in a variety of dance and bodywork techniques to create her supportive, transformative teaching technique. She studies Anusara Yoga with John Friend and Paul Sobin. She is on the dance faculty of ISTA and TanzZeit, and has taught master classes at Swarthmore, Sarah Lawrence and Mercyhurst Colleges. Rachel offers performance residencies in schools and at universities and gives individual therapeutic Yoga instruction. Email Rachel for more information, or join our mailing list to be updated on future classes and workshops.

    *Language: Unless otherwise listed, classes are in German. However, when a student is present who doesn't speak German, Rachel is happy to add "English subtitles" to any class so everyone is able to particpate fully. Just ask.

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    For photos and lots of video, see individual Projects.




    Berühren Erlaubt, Berliner Morgenpost, Berlin, 08.05.08

    Invitation, Tip Magazine, Berlin, 10.05.08

    Rachel Brooker's Invitation, Independent Weekly, Durham, NC, 24.02.08


    Primary Votes Anyone? Tapmag: magazine for culture, politics and life from a transatlantic perspective, Berlin, 02.02.08

    Super Tuesday an der Spree Berliner Zeitung, Berlin, 05.02.08

    Anspannung vor dem "Super Tuesday"  Tagesspeigel, Berlin, 05.02.08

    Press Releases:

    INVITATION at Dock 11, Berlin--  23.04.08 Deutsch / English

    WORLDVOTE press release--  01.02.08 Deutsch / English

    NC's Own Comes Home! January 2008 press release-- 10.01.08

    Anima Dance Fall 2005 Season press release-- 28.11.05


    For more information, email Rachel Brooker, join our mailing list or


    Rachel Brooker
    Jungstr. 12
    10247 Berlin
    +49 (0) 0177 318 9346

    This information is here for legal reasons. It is not, however, the quickest way to reach me: please us email.

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